CSE programs can be disguised under a variety of different names such as:

    • sexual and reproductive health counselling
    • information or services
    • HIV education
    • life skills programs
    • sex
    • education
    • sexual education
    • sexuality education

However, what is important is what the program teaches, not what it is called. Answering the following questions can help you determine if a program is a comprehensive sexuality education program:

    1. Is the primary approach harm reduction instead of harm elimination.
    2. Does it undermine parental authority?
    3. Does it encourage or condone youth taking sexual risks?
    4. Does it encourage youth to be sexually promiscuous and present condoms as fool proof and ―safe‖ without providing information about condom failure rates?
    5. Does it teach youth that they can decide when they are ready to have sex, or does it discourage any premarital sex?
    6. Does it promote masturbation as healthy and normal?
    7. Does it encourage youth to determine their sexual orientation and gender identity and promote respect for same-sex relations?
    8. Does it promote abortion as perfectly safe with no consequences to the mother if it is done where it is legal and does it claim that abortion is only unsafe when it is illegal?
    9. Does it teach youth they are sexual from birth?
    10. Does it encourage anal and oral sex and give tips on how to engage in such sex acts ―safely?
    11. Does it promote a right for youth to have sexual pleasure?
    12. Does it promote a right to sexuality education and information?
    13. Does it encourage ―’peer to peer’ program?
    14. Does it encourage youth to advocate for sexual rights?
    15. Does it seek to teach youth all the above without parental knowledge and consent under the guise of the right to confidentiality or privacy?

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